Empowering Communities through IoT, AI and Citizen Science

Geo-WaterGuard, is a water quality monitoring initiative under Geotek that places the power of clean water in the hands of communities. At Geo-WaterGuard, we recognize the crucial role that technology and Citizen Science play in our mission to ensure access to clean and safe water for all.

Geo-WaterGuard is on a mission to revolutionize water quality monitoring, especially in regions where contamination threatens community water supplies. We stand at the intersection of technology, community empowerment, and environmental justice, with a deep commitment to making clean water accessible to everyone.

What Sets It Apart?

Cutting-Edge Technology

Our project harnesses the potential of IoT sensor networks and AI algorithms to continuously monitor water quality in real-time, enabling swift detection of contamination events..

Community Empowerment

We believe in the power of local communities. Through Citizen Science, we actively involve community members in data collection, analysis, and advocacy, fostering a sense of ownership over their water resources.

Open-Source Commitment

Geo-WaterGuard operates on open source principles, promoting transparency, collaboration, and accessibility. We invite individuals, organizations, and developers to join us in this open journey

Environmental Justice

Our focus extends to marginalized communities grappling with environmental injustice. We strive to create a more equitable and sustainable future where everyone benefits from clean water.


Your technical knowledge, resources, or advocacy can drive meaningful change for communities in need.

Stay Informed

Follow our journey, stay updated on our initiatives, and join us in our commitment to clean water for all.


Collaborate with us and leverage your expertise to further our mission of water quality and environmental justice.

Get Involved

Geo-WaterGuard thrives on community involvement. Whether you're a developer, researcher, organization, or a supporter of our cause, your participation matters

Key Objectives

We collect Real-Time Data: We continuously collect real-time data on various water Quality parameters using a scalable IoT sensor network.

Empower Communities: We empower local communities, particularly in Northern Nigeria and other affected regions, as active Citizen Scientists, ensuring they play a central role in safeguarding their water resources.

AI-Powered Detection: Utilize AI algorithms to promptly detect and respond to contamination events, protecting community water supplies.